RESTORE Manual Medicine
Restoring Function, Relieving Pain

Welcome to RESTORE Manual Medicine , a Wellness Studio in Hyde Park, offering a wide variety of therapeutic massage, Spa-type services, corrective exercise techniques and individualized treatment plans geared towards your specific needs.

RESTORE Manual Medicine is a Naprapathic and clinical/medical massage office that provides a combination of therapeutic modalities.  It is my purpose to inspire action in others. My patients/clients are more than just a body and I make it my goal to provide each person with a comprehensive and individualized approach to their therapy session.  I customize each visit to your individual therapeutic goals and needs; be it injury related, preventative in nature, or releasing the negative stress in ones life. At the beginning of each session, you should let Dr. Kierah know if their have been any changes in medications or your health.  I will then inquire on daily activities or recent injuries that may be playing a part in your discomfort.   RESTORE Manual Medicine appreciates being acknowledged as licensed health care professional.

MY PROMISE TO YOU...  to be attentive to your needs and enthusiastic to have the opportunity to assist you in achieving optimal health. Instilling a partnership from the beginning ensure that we establish and meet your goals at each therapy session.


MOST insurance accepted.  For example, Workman Compensation, Personal Injury Protection (auto-accident), Slip and fall.  If you have Blue Cross and Blue Shield  it may also cover massage if it is part of your plan.  You must have a doctor referral and prescription (no exceptions).  Note: You may be able to use your flexible spending toward massage services if you have a doctor referral.

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